Take by Dean Ravell and Stephen Nagel

Title: Take


Blessed with a unique ability, a young man gets into business with a crime boss looking to exploit him, and a detective looking to bring him down – who just happens to be his girlfriend’s father.

Genre: Action / Drama / Heist

Writer: Dean Ravell and Stephen Nagel

Format: Feature Film

Page Count: 120

Status: In development, seeking a producing partner.

Movie Cross: Goodfellas meets Now You See Me


Take is a heist film with a supernatural twist set in a very dangerous city where organised crime rules with an iron fist. Caleb can make copies of anything he touches, but is he technically stealing or is it a victimless crime?

Caleb has grown attached to his heist crew, looking at them as a surrogate family and his Caleb soon questions the morality of this situation as he is being exploited and manipulated by his toxic role model of a crime boss, who is in the middle of a feud with a rival crime family. What makes matters even more interesting is that Caleb’s girlfriend’s father is the police detective trying to bring his heist team down.

Next Steps

We’re currently looking to partner with an established feature film producer to bring this idea to life in the form of a feature film. The script is ready and we are developing supplemental material to pitch the film. We have also considered the option of adapting this story into a series. If you’re an established feature film producer, feel free to contact us today at btgfilms@gmail.com.