Fresh Face Society (FFS)


Please note: This material is registered with the Writers Guild of South Africa. 



Six young professionals from different backgrounds embark on a graduate internship programme at a high paced events company where they deal with deadlines, meetings, jealousy, oppressive bosses and unimpressive pay checks.

Genre: Drama / Comedy

Writers: Dean Ravell & Stephen Nagel

Format: 24-minute TV Show

Page Count (Pilot): 36 Pages

Accolades: Finalist, 2019 WGSA Muse Award for Best TV Sitcom Screenplay

Status: In development.


In Fresh Face Society, our graduates find themselves at Saturn events: a fast-growing events company specializing in business-to-consumer exhibitions in various industries, including sex, alcohol and gaming. It is a small boutique agency on the verge of bigger growth through a possible acquisition. Our main characters are a group of eclectic young graduates from different cultural backgrounds between the ages of 20 and 24.

The overarching plot deals with the six graduates navigating their year-long graduate internship programme together while having to stand out and impress as it is rumoured that the company will only employ half of the graduates permanently.


Nirvana is an overachiever, is book smart, and lives in her own head. These traits don’t always work well in the real world. She also has to deal with catching feelings for her colleague and battles with her lack of street smarts in a workplace that rewards outwardly expressed confidence.

Thulani is superficial yet has an endearing demeanor. Something terrible has happened but home and he may have to return for a long period of time, affecting his career trajectory.

Lola is naive, but also diligent. She has to constantly put up with being dismissed as a dumb blonde, and she’s entering into a new relationship which might impact her life’s dream.

Cynthia is a bit of a gossip, but she has amazing people skills. Someone from upper management has noticed has penchant for collecting information and wants to exploit this.

Rameez has a knack for diffusing tension in any situation with a well-timed joke, which often gets him overlooked for serious tasks and responsibilities, stunting his career growth.

Damien is highly competitive yet awkward. Newly engaged, he has to deal with an attraction to a colleague, and clashing with management due to his strong opinions.

Throughout the course of the year graduates will be paired in various departments, opening up interactions that could breed strong friendships, intense rivalries and in some cases romantic interest.

Next Steps

We’re currently looking to partner with an established television producer to bring this idea to life in the form of a 24-minute television show. We’ve got a pilot ready, and are in the process of planning out the entire first season, and developing supplemental material to pitch the show. If you’re an established television producer, feel free to contact us today at

Dean Ravell & Stephen Nagel accept certificates as finalists in the Best Sitcom Screenplay category for the 2019 WGSA Muse Awards, for their script Fresh Face Society.