DNA by Dean Ravell

Please note: This material is registered with the Writers Guild of South Africa. 

Title: DNA


A quirky love story about a suicidal hopeless-romantic and a foul-mouthed free spirit who want to be together but have very different ideas about what their future looks like.

Genre: Romantic Comedy / Dark Comedy

Writer: Dean Ravell

Format: Feature Film

Page Count: 99 Pages

Status: In development, seeking a producing partner.


Derek is a lonely Biology teacher who suffers from insomnia. Derek goes to a late night fertility clinic and donates sperm. Not because he needs money but because he needs something to do. At the clinic he meets a very attractive red-haired receptionist with no filter named Amy. After giving his contribution, a blackout occurs and they’re locked inside the building. Just the two of them. After an unconventional and unofficial first date, they decide to exchange numbers and a whirlwind romance ensues.

Derek is obsessed with the idea of true love, soulmates, marriage, kids and happily ever after. Derek also knows that Amy is going to be someone special in his life. Amy only agrees with that last part. They both fall for each other, except Derek is landing in a big yard with a white picket fence around it, while Amy can’t see where she’s going to land. Or rather, she doesn’t want to. That’s the point. When two people want to completely different things out of life, yet the one thing they absolutely do want is each other, what happens? Does their love have an expiration date?

Next Steps

We’re currently looking to partner with an established feature film producer to bring this idea to life in the form of a feature film. The script is ready and we are developing supplemental material to pitch the film. If you’re an established feature film producer, feel free to contact us today at btgfilms@gmail.com.