Arthouse sitcom by Stephen Nagel & Dean Ravell & Garth Wicomb - BTG Productions

Title: Arthouse


A rich, superficial wannabe actress in Cape Town struggles to keep her house and maintain her lifestyle when she is shunned by the industry and her family money is abruptly cut off.

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Writer: Stephen Nagel & Dean Ravell & Garth Wicomb

Format: 30-minute TV Show (Sitcom)

Page Count (Pilot): 45

Status: In development, seeking a producing partner


The series begins with Alex, a superficial up-and-coming wannabe actress trying to make it big, while living in a lavish house with her seemingly great friends, all on her rich producer father’s dime. One day her endless supply of family money is cut off; Alex is thrust into the world with no knowledge of how to survive and where to begin. After her roommates abandon her due to her now tarnished reputation and the impending loss of her house, Jessie, her childhood best friend persuades Alex to rent out the rooms for income.

After a struggle and a parade of colourful characters interviewing to be tenants, Alex finally settles on Kumal, Shakes and Lynn to move in and help out with the rent. Jessie then surprises Alex by moving in as well. The rest of the series focuses on Alex’s life as an artist, home owner, and young adult living in Cape Town and trying to make a living from her art.

Available Materials:

  • Series Pilot script
  • Season 1 Outline (including major turning points that tie in with character outlines)
  • Series Roadmap (5 Season arc)
  • Pitch Deck (Covering genre, tone, inspiration, show cross, themes, character bios and more)

Next Steps

We’re currently looking to partner with an established television producer or production company to bring this idea to life in the form of a series. For starters, we would like to shoot the pilot. If you’re an established producer, feel free to contact us today at